Jasmine (strip poker)

Sexy Sarah  

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Spiel: Strip Poker

Pose: rating

2 Tickets

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Spiel: Strip Poker

Pose: rating

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members comment
avatar hsazwad
22/12/2010 18:35:30
This gal is sizzling hot!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooha!!

avatar rusty
24/01/2011 13:30:54
Hot my "type" but I like more (no insertion and not many nude poses) so she gets a 5 for voice and body and a 3 for nudity and good-by poses is there a 3 and 1/2?

avatar joe25cc
02/02/2011 18:41:45
Smoking hot!!!

avatar vijelie
01/08/2011 14:09:42

avatar tobes11
16/08/2011 09:12:48
jasmine u is so hot and sexy i want your tits

avatar still_noname
24/01/2014 08:24:52
Does anyone know her name or where to get more pics and videos of her? She is the most beautiful girl on the whole site. The scenes are hot enough. I'd even say those are ones of the hottest scenes among most of 2-peppered (and even some of 3-peppered) opponents. Of course 4-pepper scenes would be great, but still she is worth the whole 2 tickets, undoubtedly.

avatar still_noname
15/02/2014 00:26:39
Jasmine Andreas

avatar dethraine
22/05/2017 15:03:00
She is good looking, but only average at teasing and, well, two peppers is (as expected), disappointing.